About Us

Dear You,

Kivee started with the two of us since 2011. When we finally decided to take the plunge and uproot our lives - we promised each other we would give all women fashion freedom where everything is not always bound by the society.  We live in a world in which all was fleet. Our mind, information, trends and yet fashion. Here at Kivee, we reimagine sustainable fashion for a modern era, creating work-wear and designing fashion that are accessible to all. Something spontaneous, and freedom most of all.


Everything is made in Indonesia. With the help from the creative minds within our great team and variety selection of fabrics, we decide that we wouldn’t compromise on quality and size fitting. That modern essential would be our style uniform. We wanted to innovate and set new standards.

We’re not done – not even close – and we promise we won’t stop until we bring fashion for all women up to a freedom in style.


Holy & Helen