Kivee X Adieu Living Bundling Before Sunrise + Wasteful Land Holder

IDR 505,000

Before Sunrise Incense Stick
Base= Yuzu (Citrus), Basil
Scent= Fruity, Fresh

A romantic touch to soothe your nerve: Before Sunrise is an invitation to explore your kind of postmodern romance. A dream about sleeping in the sun and strolling aimlessly without burden, meeting strangers, and having a wholesome conversation. To be carefree without a leash and experience life wholefully. 

Burn the tip of #BeforeSunrise to invent the best of you.

#BeforeSunrise incense is a collaboration between Adieu Living and Kivee Home, produced in a limited quantity.

Pack of 16 bamboo sticks with compressed scented wood. Burns for 1 hour, 20 minutes. Homemade in Bandung, Indonesia.

Printed with Risograph soy-based inks on FSC certified paper within the standards of sustainable forestry with minimum waste.

Wasteful Land Plastic Incense Stick Holder

The product you purchase originates from industrial waste and pre-consumer scarps, breathing a new life as a mundane object you can easily carry to accompany your daily activity. Being able to reduce and transform the available waste into new stuff helps us to, little by little, making a significant contribution to our surroundings.

Thank you for giving us a chance to bring less burden to the environment and put a brake to the endless circle of the fast-paced bad habit.  


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