IDR 275,000

Continuing journey of #onesmallact, we got an opportunity to collaborate with Enviousity. A social enterprise that run in home and lifestyle products.

As we all aware the pre consumer waste from our clothing production and also the plastic bottles as waste in our comunity issue. the plastic bottles as waste in our comunity issue.

Therefore we create something unique and quite possibly reusing those waste as the filler. 

The "Ibu Knotted Pillow" is a multifunctional pillow that could be used everywhere and surely will be the best companion at home especially during work from home. 

This pillow is specially made and hand-crafted by the community of strong women,mom,and wife.

Keeping eye on every detail of during the knitting-production process.

More than that, once you touch and feel this pillow, it will remind us about the hand of mother that always make us feel comfortable and secure.

Diameter 45cm x 15cm 



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