KIvee X Adieu Living Incense Stick Soft Touch Fragrance

IDR 125,000

Soft Touch Incense Stick
Base= Sweet Pea
Scent= Floral, Sweet

Soft Touch creates a calm and comfortable state of being, 
emphasize slow and purposeful life. Having burdened with task and duty, we encourage you to think about yourself more-manifesting the future and communicating ourselves a little bit better. #SoftTouch is meant to help to conjure emotion and influence our innate responses to make ourselves better.

#SoftTouch incense is a collaboration between Adieu Living and Kivee Home, produced in a limited quantity.

Pack of 16 bamboo sticks with compressed scented wood. Burns for 1 hour, 20 minutes. Homemade in Bandung, Indonesia.

Printed with Risograph soy-based inks on FSC certified paper within the standards of sustainable forestry with minimum waste.


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