Kivee Home x Jia by OCK Cang Potpourri Large

IDR 65,000

Cang is a pouch filled with flaxseed and dry lavender and it is designed

to be used as essential oil carrier for your wardrobes or drawers. 

It is sensibly made out of off cut fabric from Kivee's production.


The Shapes imitates a big bacang, a delicacies associaited with dragon boat 

festivals. It evokes memories and it consists of 4 corners. each corner 

represents harmony, peace, blessing and wealth, four strong foundations for any home. 


Embracing those who share the same passion and respect towards craft

by opening your mind to this collaborative way of making can result in a product

with many perspectives. This is exactly what 'Cang'is all about.


Side Length : 11cm


Note : we will send the product in random color according to stock availabilty,

since its a reform from a pre-consumer waste of our production.

However, you can put a note which color preferably.